Who’s Who?

Meet the VIP’s

  • Bill Brooks & Cathy Brooks (R.I.P), PickleFest King & Queen
  • Eri Yamaguchi (R.I.P), PickleFest Founder from Japan, who put the “International” in the Rosendale International Pickle Festival!
  • Billy, Linda & Breanna Liggan, Pickle Fest Directors of Awe-Inspiring Feats
  • Victoria Coyne, Pickle Fest Ringleader of Creative Operations
  • Sue Constable, Pickle Fest Oracle of Inspiration
  • Sara McGinty, Pickle Fest Keeper of the Vendor Gate
  • Susan Curcio, Digital Communications Translator
  • Anita Williams Peck, (R.I.P.) Pickle Fest Voice of Reason
  • Laurie Giardino, Pickle Fest Director of Adventure Operations
  • Kerri Vitek, Pickle Fest Digital Sorceress
  • Carl Cox, Pickle Fest Chief Photographer Ninja
  • Carl Welden, Pickle Fest Maestro of Mayhem
  • Carrie Wykoff, Pickle Fest Director of Entertainment Fulfillment
  • Doug Motel, Pickle Fest Head Game Guy
  • Bernie & Jill Obry, Pickling Contest Tutelary Guardians
  • Bob Vosper, Mover and shaker of anything on wheels
  • Woodcrest Bruderhof Community, Amazing assistance to anything on wheels

Always Remembered

Cathy, Anita and Eri

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